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The Brothers Green


Since co-founding The brothers Green in 2017, Brad has been a part of building a vertically integrated hemp company and exploring a range of different opportunities that have presented themselves with hemp seeds potential. Based in Canterbury, they have both a retail skincare range (Kōaka) and health food & supplement range under The Brothers Green as well as their wholesale ingredient range. 


They have also developed a unique NZ hemp product with their golden hemp range made from hemp hearts, helping increase the palatability and protein content in their protein and improving the cosmetic performance of the oil. All focusing on trying to add more value to hemps already impressive benefits. They are now focusing their products towards real world health problems their consumers are facing looking particularly at joint health, gut health and sleep. 


After 6 years Brad has experienced the realities of starting and growing a hemp company, marketing any products with hemp ingredients and navigating the restrictions placed on the industry via legislation and regulation.