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Dr Johanna Steyaert

Molecular and micro-biologist at Lincoln Agritech

“Spray-free” is an oft cited aspiration as the shift towards regenerative practices continues. An important part of a spray-free strategy is the use of bioinoculants in place of traditional chemicals. However, it is not quite as simple as that. Beneficial microbes form part of a large interconnected web, a biological and chemical ‘superhighway’. Understanding those relationships is the foundation for understanding how to better optimise growth promotion and biocontrol. Dr Johanna Steyaert is a molecular and micro-biologist with 20 years’ experience working with Trichoderma bioinoculants used for disease control and growth promotion. Her research spans understanding the genetics of Trichoderma fungi to optimising production of biocontrol agents in collaboration with commercial partners. After completing her PhD, Johanna led a highly original Royal Society Marsden project studying the effect of the Earth’s electromagnetic field on fungal reproduction. Johanna has a strong interest in regenerative practices and the role Trichoderma play.