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New Zealand Natural Fibres


Guy Wills is the CEO of NZ Natural Fibres (soon to be changed to Rubisco Limited), a sustainable materials company that specialises in the end-to-end growing and sourcing of natural fibres such as hemp and wool and converting them into functional, accessible, and desirable products across various industries, including the built environment, horticulture, home and leisure, and apparel. NZ Natural Fibres believes farming is the key to a more sustainable and lower-carbon future, and the company strives to create everything we need naturally from what we can grow.


As a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability, Mr Wills is dedicated to positively impacting the environment using natural materials like hemp. He believes that these materials can play a significant role in helping the world switch to a better way of living. With over 25 years of experience in FMCG, agriculture, dairy, building and construction, green and deep tech, food and nutraceuticals, and advanced manufacturing technologies, Mr Wills is a seasoned entrepreneur with significant expertise and a proven track record in founding and commercialising several start-up and early-stage sustainable and green-tech companies.


Mr Wills has expertise in leading and scaling early-stage businesses through commercialisation, growth, and international expansion in North America and Asia Pacific.