The summit team

iHemp Summit, Mac's Function Centre, Wellington, 4th, 5th & 6th July 2018

Summit organiser

Nicky Vallender of Event-It is the organiser of the iHemp Summit.

She can be reached on 021 033 5605 or via email on

Our organising committee

Richard Barge

Richard Barge

Treasurer of the NZ Hemp Industries Association since 1998 and founder of Hemptastic in 1997.  A qualified accountant with an appreciation for the triple bottom line. After reading The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer, he realised this natural product could be grown sustainably and used in a wide range of industries, all with positive outcomes for both the economy and the environment.

Eve Kawana-Brown

Eve Kawana-Brown

Eve is Massey University’s Business Development Manager based in Taranaki, where she works in partnership with Venture Taranaki to help individual companies and sectors with R&D efforts. Her work with NZ’s hemp industry began in 2013, within Taranaki initially, and more recently with the NZ Hemp Industries Association and and nationally to support a viable industrial hemp industry for NZ.

Huub Kerckhoffs

Huub Kerckhoffs

Dr Huub Kerckhoffs (PhD) is a senior lecturer at the Institute of Agriculture and Environment, Massey University. He has worked in laboratories in the Netherlands, UK, USA, Japan and Australia and in NZ has led teams at Crop and Food Research. Since 2013 he explored with Eve Kawana-Brown and others opportunities for industrial hemp in NZ and has been leading Massey University’s hemp trials to assess yield potential.

Nigel Slaughter

Nigel Slaughter

Co-founder and CEO of Ligar, a company that develops materials which extract specific molecules from liquids. Ligar has developed systems to extract medicinal cannabinoids from hemp which are simpler, more efficient and lower cost than existing methods. The long term goal is to bring the price of cannabinoids down so that they are available to absolutely everyone who needs them.

Public & Media Relations

Sandra Lukey

Shine Group Ltd
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