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Owen Darby

CEO and Founder of Meraki Natural

Originally from Australia Owen has called New Zealand home for more than a decade. A long-term career as a technical consultant in the energy sector specialising in development & rollout of prototype technology prior to commercialisation led to achieving several complex world first technologies.

15+ years of international experience provided intimate knowledge into waste streams, damage generated by industrial activity and unsustainable practice. Mounting environmental issues & personal desire for positive impact through innovative solution drove a shift in focus and creation of Meraki Natural (MNL) in 2018.

Meraki is a biotechnology organization providing circular solutions incorporating phytotechnology & utilizing hemp, our centre of operations is located in Queenstown. MNL’s research & development facility hosts a broad scope of activities including data-driven genetic accelerator programmes focused on hemp increasing efficiency for food, fibre & phytoremediation.

Focus of current studies & projects are developing the most effective utilisation of phytotechnology through a combination of genetic development, process & amendments targeting a specific of contaminants. We are an environmental driven company that ultimately diverts waste streams from landfill & convert into valuable products enabling sustainable circular systems.