iHemp Summit

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The Virtual Hemp
Webinar Series 2020

The virtual hemp webinar series is an industrial hemp digital resource that includes knowledge and guidance from industry leaders, government officials, researchers, growers and manufacturers. The series is a collection of 11 episodes, with each webinar hosted by NZHIA Chairman Richard Barge. 


  • Episode 01: Hemp 101 – Introduction, terminology and potential for iHemp in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
  • Episode 02: Government regulations and testing iHemp.
  • Episode 03: Growing iHemp, in rotation, breeding, agri-inputs and food, fibre, health and phytoremediation crops.
  • Episode 04: Export strategy and the need for NZ to differentiate our brands, incorporating provenance & story into a product, leveraging being indigenous/Māori.
  • Episode 05: Fibre – Circular Economy and end uses, high and low tech markets, now and in the future.
  • Episode 06: Fibre – Growing and construction uses. Decorticating stems into bast fibre and hurd
  • Episode 07: Food – How to use it, high value nutrition, R&D eco system and direction of travel regarding plant based foods and protein. New Product Development, healthy food trends.
  • Episode 08: Food – How it is made. Growing seed crops, packaging and marketing – compliance and considerations, scaling to meet the export potential.
  • Episode 09: Health – Medical Cannabis Scheme  – THC and CBD.
  • Episode 10: Health – Natural health products/cosmetics and the wellness industry for cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. 
  • Episode 11: Scenarios and vision to develop the iHemp industry and call to action.