iHemp Summit, Mac's Function Centre, Wellington, 4th, 5th & 6th July 2018

Mack McIntosh



Greg Ward

MC & Speaker

Greg Ward

Mack is President and Chair of the NZHIA. He is a RNZN trained Diver and has served overseas. He was awarded the Electronic Navigation Shield for service to the fishing industry 1987. In 1988 he committed all his available time and resources to studying hemp and its benefits for New Zealand. A founding member of the NZHIA in 1990, he was a member of the “Interagency Working Group on the Cultivation of Industrial Hemp” which set the statutory requirements for the issuing of Licenses to import, grow and process industrial hemp within New Zealand 2000/01. Mack is very proud his licence number is IHRB1.

Mack is enthusiastic regarding the next generation of folk entering the ihemp industry and sincerely hopes MoH can be persuaded to view ihemp as exactly what it is, an economic opportunity. Mack has been growing and refining his NZ genetic cultivars of ihemp in Tawanui (bottom SE corner SI) since 2004. Mack considers himself an idealist “Greenie persistent lobbyist, ideas person and motivator”. He is a strong believer in the “little people/primary producers“.

Greg Ward lives and breathes conferences and events.  As a professional MC, Greg has hosted, facilitated, moderated, and performed at over one thousand events during a career spanning twenty-two years, presenting to more than half a million people in twelve countries throughout Europe, North & South America, Asia, Oceania, and Australasia.

Greg is excited to support and be part of the inaugural iHemp Summit and looks forward to joining the event in July.

Richard Barge



Andrew Davidson


Midlands Seed

As the iHemp Summit Chair, I look forward to welcoming you to New Zealand’s first Industrial Hemp Summit.  We have been promoting the iHemp industry since 1997 but it is only now that some serious momentum is beginning to build as people become aware of the potential of the iHemp industry. This year’s summit is therefore very timely. 80 years of prohibition of cannabis means not a lot of work has been done in this space and this is where Kiwi ingenuity has a lot to offer the emerging industry. We have talented people that can create solutions and improvements for growing and processing our annual crop, in to a wide range of exportable products and technology.

At the Summit we will hear how iHemp is a sustainable source of food, fiber and medicine and how this can become part of your future business plans. Learn about the past, what is happening in the present and hear from experts about the potential for the future. This is a brand new primary industry for New Zealand and with your involvement we will make it a success.

Andrew is a Director and Shareholder of the Midlands Group based in Ashburton and Chairman of partner company Pure Oil New Zealand. Midlands is an export-oriented company specialising in seed multiplication for international markets, and the production and supply of high quality arable foods, nutritional oils and specialist honeys from New Zealand to the world.  Midlands run a vertically integrated business from planting to shipping.

Andrew has led Midlands involvement in the hemp seed supply chain in both New Zealand and Australia, and this involvement dates back to the companies first hemp seed harvest in 2002.

During this time, Midlands has researched, developed and implemented vertical integration for locally grown hemp crops.  This has also included actively lobbying with government to develop legislation for hemp production in New Zealand, and more recently legislation for the sale of hemp foods in New Zealand and Australia.

The development of this New Zealand hemp seed industry by Midlands has been secured alongside the development of a wider range of specialty oilseeds and superfoods for health for domestic and export markets.  This means that Andrew brings a wealth of experience on crop production, processing technology, product development, and the marketing and sales of nutritional ingredients, that can now be applied to the local production and global distribution of New Zealand hemp products.


Andrew Gibbs



Wayne Mulligan


Fomana Capital

Andrew is a Partner in our Wellington office in New Zealand and as the leader of the Primary Sector focuses on addressing growth and regulatory challenges.  He leads a multi-disciplined team that concentrate on agri-business and fisheries.

Andrew joined Deloitte in 1986 and his experience includes postings with our member firms in London, Poland, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East.

Andrew also has a wide experience in investigation, project management and advisory work performed in connection with outsourcing, feasibility studies, business change and planning in the public and private sectors.

He is the Chair of Craigmore Farming, one of New Zealand’s largest corporate farmers, and recently appointed a director of Craigmore Dairy II GP Limited, a board member of Taratahi Agriculture training, NZ’s largest agriculture training organisation, and an advisor to the board of Baker and Associates.  Andrew has recently been appointed Chair of Henergy Cage-Free Eggs, a barn-raised egg production in the Wairarapa.  In addition, he sits on a number of programme boards for large complex assignments in the agriculture sector including several primary growth partnership programmes.

Wayne is a founding partner and CEO of Fomana Capital Limited. Fomana is a boutique Maori investment company based in Wellington, NZ specialising in Investments in Technology Innovations. Wayne is currently leading the development of a new Maori/Asian investment programme that will focus on nutrition that is backed by science.

Wayne is a professional director and trustee. He is involved in several Iwi and Maori businesses. Including chairing his Wellington iwi’s post settlement entity.  He is director of the Wellington Regional Economic Agency (WREDA), Genomics Aotearoa, NZ Festival Trust, Anagenix Group, Midland Regional Health Charitable Trust and is the chair, of a Taranaki based Maori health entity, Tui Ora Limited. He is a shareholder in and advisor to HoneyLab.

Wayne’s passion is creativity and building new business models that will see less reliance on commodities.  He is chairman and shareholder of NUKU ki te Puku™, a collective of 7 Maori entities (with 14 companies behind it) that have co-invested. NUKU ki te Puku™ brings together, scientists, investors, land owners, technologists and marketers. This collaboration is launching plant-based nutrition products.

Bryan Wilson

Deputy Director-General


Kim Pickering


Waikato University

Bryan is Deputy Director-General – Regulation and Assurance and Head of New Zealand Food Safety.  He joined the Ministry for Primary Industries in October 2016. Before joining MPI, he held the role of Associate Deputy Chief Executive Community Investment with the Ministry for Social Development.

Bryan’s background is in regulation across a range of industries. He spent 2 years with Aurizon Network in Brisbane and 10 years in leadership roles within Telecom. He has also held various positions with The Treasury, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, New Zealand Employment Service, and Department of Internal Affairs.

He is responsible for the MPI’s regulatory activities and functions across the food safety, biosecurity, and primary production systems (including animal welfare).

Professor Kim Pickering is a materials engineer internationally recognised in sustainable materials including hemp fibre composites. She leads the Polymers and Composites Research Group in the Engineering School, is director of the Waikato Centre of Advanced Materials (WaiCAM) at Waikato University and Assistant Dean (Research) of the School of Engineering).

She is a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand and was recently awarded the R J Scott Medal by the Royal Society of New Zealand.  She has written more than 100 peer-reviewed journal articles, 6 patents and has more than 2000 citations.

Steven Saunders

Owner & Chairman

Plus Group

Damien O’Connor

MP, Minister

New Zealand Government

Steven Saunders (Ngāti Ranginui) has 34 years’ experience in the Horticultural and food sector and is the founder, owner and Managing Director of the Plus Group of companies, specialising in horticulture management consultancy, orchard ownership, global pollen production, Robotic development (Robotics Plus ltd), international ventures, applied technology, environmental research, innovation and science.

Steven is the co-founder of Newnham Park Innovation Centre in Tauranga (NZ), which hosts eight local export award winning independent companies predominately in the food sector, a major stakeholder in the Kiwifruit Industry, an active Angel investor, a Director of many privately-owned companies and tech startups, an elected member of the executive board for Priority One (driving economic growth in the Bay of Plenty, NZ), independent director Lincoln Hub, Agrigate, Māori Economic Development Advisory Board and founding shareholder and Director of Rockit Global Limited. Steven is an active member of the Te Hono Stanford Business School Alumni, Nuku Ki Te Puku (Māori food and beverage cluster) and Te Tiro Toi Whakangao (Māori tech cluster). Steven is a founder, shareholder and Director of “WNT Ventures” tech incubator and a founding member of PlantTech, Tauranga (NZ) recently awarded Regional Research Institute, a Private sector – Government initiative.

Hon Damien O’Connor is Minister of Agriculture, Biosecurity, Food Safety, and Rural Communities.  He is also Associate Minister of Trade and Export Growth. He believes every New Zealander, regardless of their background or family situation, deserves the opportunity to realise their full potential and participate in their community and society. Damien stands for the values of equality and opportunity, and for the responsibility we owe to each other to maintain these values.

Damien’s background in farming and adventure tourism drives his view that we need well-paid, sustainable jobs and industry growth to improve our future. He is a passionate advocate for rural communities and for a thriving agricultural sector. Damien was first elected to Parliament in 1993 and has served as a Minister in both the fifth and sixth Labour Governments, and Spokesperson in Opposition for a variety of roles, including Agriculture, Biosecurity, Food Safety, Tourism, Immigration and Health.

Damien is an active sportsman and represented Buller at athletics. He has won West Coast Young Farmer of the Year and enjoys sports including skiing, white water rafting, jet boating, motorsports and playing rugby for the New Zealand Parliamentary Team.

Helen Poulsen

Senior Forensic Toxicologist


Jeff Kostuik

Director of Operations


Dr Helen Poulsen works in the Toxicology Section of ESR, based in Wellington. She has over twenty years of experience in analysis of drugs and poisons in biological specimens and their involvement in accidental or unexpected sudden death. The work of the Toxicology group is principally related to coronial and criminal cases.

But prior to that, for 14 years, she was part of the illicit drugs group of DSIR/ESR analysing exhibits from police seizures. This was back in the 1980s when cannabis was a major drug of concern for the police. With research experience in the areas of the potency of cannabis and cannabis product in New Zealand, she was involved in discussions with MOH and Police prior to hemp being allowed to be grown in NZ. She also analysed the hemp grown in the first few years to determine the THC levels. More recently Dr Poulsen has been part of a committee evaluating the impact of hemp seed based foods on roadside oral fluid testing.

ESR has developed methods for extracting cannabinoids from various matrices, looking at levels of THC, CBD and CBG and their acid forms.

Jeff grew up grain farming with his father in Manitoba, a central Province in Canada.  Prior to working with HGI, Jeff worked for many years with Manitoba Agriculture where he accumulated over 23 years’ experience in small plot research. His research focused on diversified or value-added crops and cropping systems working on 60-70 projects a year planting 2500-3000 plots annually. Over the years Jeff has worked with numerous crops including quinoa, soybeans, fababeans and hemp to name a few.

Jeff was the Manitoba provincial contact regarding hemp agronomy and was the project lead for Hemp research trials in Manitoba. Jeff and the Parkland Crop Diversification Foundation have been involved in Hemp research since it was legalized in 1998. Jeff’s current focus with HGI continues to be the lead in Hemp research both in Canada and abroad, along with Managing the Pedigreed seed production program, seed sales, production contracting and actively farming with his brother in law in Hemp seed production.

Jeff studied Agriculture at the University of Manitoba, business at Athabasca University, is a member of the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists and a Certified Crop Adviser. Jeff’s presentation “Hemp Agronomy 101” will cover results of his 19 years of experience in hemp production as a research agronomist, consultant and farmer.

Panapa Ehau and Manu Caddie

Hikurangi Group

Phil Warner

Founder & CEO


Panapa Ehau is a co-owner in a number of Māori land blocks in the ancestral estate of Te Papa Tipu o Uepohatu. With more than two decades of business experience in housing development, environmental services and social enterprise, Panapa is focused on developing sustainable inter-generational economic pathways that utilise and enhance local natural resources. Panapa is a co-founder of Hikurangi Enterprises, the charitable company established as a job creation and economic development venture for the East Coast and oversees local landowner and grower relationships for Hikurangi Cannabis Company.

Manu Caddie has twenty years community development, research and resource management experience – including the last three years in biotechnology R&D project management. A Ruatoria resident, Manu is a co-founder of Hikurangi Enterprises and currently manages Hikurangi Cannabis Company with a focus on regulatory compliance, research and commercialisation opportunities.
Born in 1952 and grew up on a farm in Australia. He spent the first 25 years in the Feature Film industry working around the world. Since 1997 Phil’s mission has been to find and develop an agricultural product that could achieve regional value adding and sustainable consumer products. 

For 20 years Phil has been developing Hemp varieties viable for latitudes, 40 to the tropics.  Phil’s team has amassed the world’s most diverse cannabis genetic seed bank – models for co-operative farming systems – new processing systems – markets for hemp food, fibre products and cannabinoid now used in the USA, and South America and Australia. In 2014, Phil received the first DEA pre-approved permit to import hemp seed into the US in over 80 years. 

Having been involved in the hemp business in Australia and China, Europe, and the Americas, Phil’s understanding hemps politics, legislation and technical capabilities is unique in the world. Phil has written for and co-authored many professional journals and publications on Hemp. His depth of knowledge of this industry makes him one of few hemp industry architects globally.   

Karen Oldfield

Medical Research Fellow


Jo Townshend

R&D Manager

Midlands Seed

Dr Karen Oldfield is a Medical Research Fellow at the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand.  Dr Oldfield is a general practitioner who has now moved into clinical research.  She has an interest in medical cannabis and its therapeutic potential and has very recently commenced a PhD through Victoria University (Wellington) looking at the clinical use of cannabinoids in New Zealand.

The Medical Research Institute of New Zealand (MRINZ) is an independent medical research organisation and is a charitable trust.  It has become internationally recognised as New Zealand’s leading independent medical research organisation, with a particular focus on undertaking medical studies that have the potential to lead to improvements in clinical management.  The MRINZ enjoys strong collaborations within New Zealand and internationally, and has had multiple innovative articles published in high impact journals.

The most recent research programme to be developed is the medical cannabis programme. This programme aims to undertake Phase I trials to provide tolerability and pharmacokinetic data for two New Zealand grown and manufactured pharmaceutical grade cannabis/hemp medicines. This data is essential for determining the dosing schedules for the subsequent Phase II clinical trials of the products which will be undertaken. Based on a global collaboration, the MRINZ is well positioned to conduct Phase I to III clinical trials in a range of diseases where therapeutic potential exists.

Jo Townshend is the R&D Manager for the Midlands Group, based in Ashburton. Midlands is an export-oriented company specialising in seed multiplication for international markets, and the production and supply of high quality arable foods, nutritional oils and specialist honeys from New Zealand to the world.  Midlands run a vertically integrated business from planting to shipping.

Jo is a Research Agronomist by trade and has over 20 years’ experience in applied agronomic research trialling for grain and seed production in more than 30 species. Jo has been the R&D Manager for Midlands for the past 13 years, every year of which Industrial Hemp trials or productions have been conducted. Jo’s work aims to produce Best Crop Management guidelines covering all aspects of crop production for growers. Jo has published peer review papers with the likes of the Agronomy Society of NZ, NZ Plant Protection and the American Phytopathology Society. Jo is currently Vice President of the Agronomy Society of NZ after being Treasurer for several years.

Stephen Tallon

Senior Research Engineer

Callaghan Innovation

Anna Campbell

Managing Director

Abacus Bio

Dr Stephen Tallon has more than 25 years’ experience in the field of industrial processing of natural health, food, and cosmetic products. This includes working with many New Zealand and International companies on a broad range of new product developments, from plant derived extracts through to marine and microbiological products.

Dr Tallon’s research team at Callaghan Innovation has a comprehensive pilot development facility, including extensive experience in the use of supercritical fluid extraction and related technologies for producing medicinal extracts and concentrates.

Anna has a PhD in plant biotechnology and has worked throughout the Asia Pacific on plant and animal breeding programmes.  She is Managing Director of AbacusBio, an agri-technology company with offices in Dunedin and Edinburgh.  She is also a Director of Otago Innovation Limited and Genomics Aotearoa.

Anna is an advocate for using technology throughout the value chain to lift New Zealand products out of commodity markets.

Chris Woodney


NZ Hemp Brokers

Miriana Stephens


Wakatū Incorporation

Chris has a very personal link with the difference cannabinoids naturally found in hemp plants can make when added to a nutritional diet. He began learning about hemp in 2011 to help a close friend manage Chron’s Disease. At that stage it was just a hobby, but things changed in 2015 when he received a phone call from his mother advising him that his sister had been diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia and given just two weeks to live. She undertook chemo and a bone marrow transplant immediately, saving her life, but she had a long road to recovery ahead of her. Chris suggested she use hemp as a supplemental food to aid her recovery but at the time he found it difficult to articulate the benefits to many the doctors and nurses involved in her care.

This experience challenged Chris, and he vowed to learn more so he could explain the benefits of hemp in a way doctors would understand. He traveled the world attending seminars, courses and expos to meet with and learn from the world’s leading experts in cannabinoid research. He gained an understanding of the endocannabinoid System found in all vertebrates and the ability of cannabinoids to strengthen neuropathic pathways and aid the brain in maintaining homeostasis. Chris obtained a license to grow, trade in and process industrial hemp and was able to convince his sister of the benefits of hemp as a functional food, aiding her recovery and helping her to continue living a happy life.

Chris is now recognised as one of New Zealand’s foremost cannabis and hemp innovators and educators. In 2017 he was part of a team educating doctors at the NZ Medical Association’s General Practice Conference & Medical Exhibition events in Rotorua and Christchurch. He took part in the NZ Hemp Industry Association’s 2016 Hemp Awareness Week and toured New Zealand for two months the same year to run a roadshow for farmers and other people interested in hemp’s economic, nutritional, health and environmental potential.

Miriana was born in Motueka and her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (NZ History) and a Law Degree. She was awarded the 2016 Aotearoa NZ Māori Woman Business Leader award in recognition of outstanding success and excellence in business.

Miriana is currently a director of Aotahi which is a Māori-owned and managed business that specialises in developing and managing educational programmes in the areas of small business and money management for communities throughout Aotearoa.  She is also a director for Wakatū Incorporation (Wakatū), its subsidiaries and various committees. She is currently coordinating the innovation and research & development programme across the group of Wakatū to create a people, land and water wellness framework as well as a portfolio of food and ingredient applications with scientifically validated health benefits which are aligned with consumer demand and Te Pae Tāwhiti, the 500 year intergenerational plan of Wakatū.

Miriana is a trustee on Te Āwhina Marae in Motueka, Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Rarua, and the Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa NZ. She is also a member of Nuku ki te Puku (a national Māori Food and Beverage cluster), the MPI Primary Sector Council, an assessor on the MBIE Endeavour Fund Impact Panel and an alumni of Te Hono (NZ agribusiness leaders).

Simon Rowell


Innovation Liberation Front

Mike Nichols


Simon operates his own commercialisation consultancy, Innovation Liberation Front.  Before that, he practiced for seventeen years as a lawyer and patent attorney, primarily in the field of international licensing of intellectual property.

In 2018, 2017 and 2016 he was listed in Intangible Asset Management magazine’s IAM Strategy 300 – the World’s Leading IP Strategists.

Dr Mike Nichols lectured in Horticultural Science at Massey University for 40 years.  He was the Research Team Leader for NZHIA some 10 years ago,  which resulted in developing an interest in medicinal cannabis.  This resulted in visits to Netherlands and UK to see and discuss the production of medicinal cannabis with GW Pharmaceuticals management, and also with Bedrocan.

He believes that like the morphine poppy industry (which went to Tasmania in the 1950’s), that New Zealand is likely to miss out being a part of what is projected to be a  $NZ75 billion world industry by 2025!!!

Anne Barnett

Chief Executive


Stewart Jessamine

Director Protection, Regulation and Assurance

Ministry of Health

Prior to becoming CEO, Anne spent four years growing and developing the IP and Commercialisation team within Viclink as General Manager of Commercialisation, taking it from a team of one to a team of many, driving process and a significant increase in the numbers of disclosures. A physical scientist by training, Anne is passionate about bringing science, technology and society together.

Anne’s career has focused largely on business development and science commercialisation activities for organisations such as Creative HQ (Wellington’s business incubator), the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, and Izon Science Ltd, a nanotechnology start-up. She has also successfully run her own business providing marketing, business development and strategic consulting services for science and high tech sectors.

Having gained a BSc from the University of Canterbury, Anne completed Honours at the Australian National University, and a PhD in Physics at MacQuarie University. She has also studied at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, and worked in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Born and raised in Scotland, Stewart joined the public service in 1993. Stewart’s career has taken him from rural general practitioner to Director of Protection Regulation and Assurance. In his 24-year career at the Ministry of Health he has undertaken a number of roles including Group Manager of Medsafe, and Director of Public Health. Stewart completed his Master’s in Public Health in 2002 and was admitted as a Fellow of Royal Australasian College of Medical Administration in 2007.

Stewart’s experience within the Ministry of Health demonstrates he is an articulate advocate of pragmatic risk management. Stewart has a unique perspective on the cultural, ethical, linguistic and political challenges that face regulators and public health officials when communicating about risk and risk management.

Stewart has been directly involved in dealing with complex public health issues such as the New Zealand response to Ebola, and other major public health and regulatory issues relating to medicines and medical device safety, tobacco control, water fluoridation and rheumatic fever. Internationally, Stewart is one of the Western Pacific’s representatives on the Executive Board of the World Health Organization and is Chair of the General Assembly of SNOMED CT International – the International Standards Organisation that developed the standardised medicines and medical devices terminology used in New Zealand and over 30 other countries.

John Roulac



Carmelle Riley


Whenua Kura

John Roulac is a tireless advocate for hemp farming in the United States. The proof is in his impressive bio: Not only has he authored three books on hemp cultivation, but also in 2001 he successfully sued the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to keep hemp foods legal. And of course, Roulac is the founder of Nutiva, which sells USDA Organic hemp products, among numerous other responsibly sourced ingredients, in retailers across the country.  Nutiva is the leading organic hemp brand in the United States.
Carmelle has a diverse range of skills gained from working sectors such as litigation & commercial law; transport; health, education, art & creative industries, primary sector / land based-industry, Iwi/Maori, family business, government and earthquake recovery.

She practised as a solicitor until 2000 when she diversified into governance & strategy consultancy. She works with private companies, government and non-government organisations. She has significant experience in the design, start-up and development of organisations, strategy formulation and implementation as well as governance.  Carmelle has significant governance and strategy expertise in relation to non-profit organisations. She has held governance roles within and worked with numerous non-profit NGOs.

Since 1996, Carmelle has advised Maori and Iwi organisations on how to build tribal frameworks that will ensure good governance, build long term strategy for, and ensure the longevity of collectively held assets.

Carmelle currently works part-time in Lincoln University’s Business Development Team:  helping to create long term education pathways for Maori and other students in land-based activities.

Carmelle is an independent director of Christchurch based Maori trade cooperative Te Kaihanga Coop.

Hamish Gow

Director of Business Innovation & Strategy

Massey University

Maggie Davidson

Lecturer & Researcher

Western Sydney University

Hamish is Professor of Agribusiness, Director of Business Innovation and Strategy at Te Puna Whakatipu: Transforming Agrifood Business, and Project Leader on the Global Food Safety Partnership facilitation team, Massey University. Previously he has held roles as the Director of the Center of Agribusiness Policy and Strategy within the Massey Business School and Director of AgriCommerce Programs at Massey University. He is currently a member of the Potatoes NZ Export Market Development Group, Wood Processors and Manufacturers Association ReNewing New Zealand steering group and SCION’s Value Chain Oprimization steering group. Prior to moving to Massey, he was Director of the Partnerships for Food Industry Development – Fruits and Vegetables – a USAID funded value chain development and capacity building project supporting farmers and SMEs from across Latin America, Southern Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa access local, regional and international horticultural markets and retail channels. He recently won the 2011 Effective Practice Award from the Sloan Consortium as founder of the Food Safety Knowledge Network and is currently leading the facilitation team assisting the World Bank establish an open source Global Food Safety Partnership for capacity building in the developing and emerging markets.  He has research and industry experiences relate to: agribusiness strategy and managaement; Design Thinking andbusiness model development; Entrepreneurship, inovation and regional development;  International food marketing; Agricultural and rural finance; International rural development; and Public private partnerships.  He is currently working on service design and new business development projects with LIC, DairyNZ, MetLifeCare, and FairFax Media.  Over the past 20 years lead market development projects in over 50 countries and consulted to the European Commission, OECD, IFAD, USDA, USAID, UNIDO, FAO, World Bank and numerous domestic and international SME’s, MNE’s and farmers’ organizations.
Dr Davidson is a lecturer and researcher in occupational hygiene and environmental health, at the School of Science and Health, Western Sydney University.  She is full member of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) with expertise in the field of biological hazards in agricultural and other occupational environments. Her current research work is on building awareness of potential health hazards that may be encountered in the medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp industries.

Dr Davidson has been a co-investigator for studies on worker health and wellbeing on U.S. and Australian dairy farms at the High Plains Intermountain Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety, as well as studies on worker exposure to inhalable biological aerosols including bacteria, virus, fungi and endotoxin.

Cameron Sims


Plant Culture

Graedon Parker

Creative Director

Organic Mechanic

Cameron Sims, Founder of Plant Culture – Premium hemp seed food company, host of the pop up hemp based restaurant, specialist in hemp seed recipe development. We are targeting mainstream b2b and b2c customers to selling hemp seed into retail, food service, food manufacturing.

Graedon Parker is an Internationally award winning Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur & Plant-based Lifestyle and Hemp Advocate – based in Auckland, NZ.

His creative leadership has played a pivotal role in the success of co-founded enterprise/social movement – Organic Mechanic (established 2013) which has grown to become a leader in the health & wellness collective in Aotearoa.
Being actively involved in the Cannabis/Hemp movement, Graedon founded Hemp For Victory in 2014 to help to educate people about Hemp’s many different uses and applications – in particular it’s positive contribution to human nutrition and environmental regeneration.

In 2017 he co-founded Aro Hemp Aotearoa (ARO HA) which is a sponsor of the 2018 NZ Hemp Summit Event.

Jane Fraser-Jones

Director – Corporate Finance


Michael Mayell

My career has been at the nexus of public policy and politics. I have developed, led and negotiated policy across a range of social and economic portfolios as a former Prime Ministerial senior advisor. I now assist clients with strategies, policies, analysis and decision-making driving New Zealand’s public sector.

You probably have no idea who I am, but you may recognise the red monster and cookie I created over 30 years ago when I founded one of New Zealand’s best loved brands, Cookie Time.

It’s been one heck of a ride since the days where I’d drive around Christchurch in my little van to distribute cookies to glass jars on dairy counters! Since then, I’ve created One Square Meal which has become New Zealand’s favourite fully balanced meal in a bar, and more recently, I’ve launched Nutrient Rescue: a company which helps people get more micronutrients from plants.

But my focus now is much bigger than just building businesses. I want to build a better New Zealand and I’d love and appreciate your help.

Bob Doyle

Managing Director

Hemp International Australia

John Smith


Hemp Technologies Global

Bob holds a Bachelor of Rural Science (Hons). He was the inaugural Chair of Paterson and Allyn Valley Landcare, a former President and current Committee member of Gresford District Landcare Group and a previous member of the NSW Landcare Working Group (Ministerial appointment). Bob is current President of the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance. Bob, Susan and their adult children operate a beef cattle/horse agistment enterprise on ‘Eden Vale’ at Vacy, with over 400 head of cattle and 20 horses. Their grandchildren are eighth generation on the farm. The Doyles first grew industrial hemp in 2009.

Together with Greg Flavall and Rob Eady we have been pioneering the construction of Hemp Houses in New Zealand.

My own background has been residential, commercial, and industrial real estate after completing a Diploma in Urban Valuation at Auckland Architecture School. I saw the light some fourteen years ago, and moved to Taranaki for a lifestyle change and retirement. Presently I am bringing up two young boys to men in Opunake on the Surf Highway 45, coastal Taranaki.

For the last five years I have been a “walking and talking” billboard for Hemp products from super foods, homes, and construction to industrial landscaping.

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